Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day One - Part One

Texas goes on forever. If you have never traversed it's great expanse it's hard to imagine how enormous the lone Stat state is. Today we are traveling 604 miles. It is one of the longest legs of the drive. At Conroe, Sydney started asking, "Are we in Kansas yet?" and by 7am they were asking, "When are we having lunch?"

We stopped at Buc-ee's in Madisonville for clean bathrooms and in following our Buc-ee's pee-break tradition we bought the girls Icees. Yes, they had icees at 6:45am. And well, that's okay when you have to "be good" for 12 hours while chained to your car seat. All in all Juliane and Sydney have been very good. They have enjoyed the activity books and new art supplies I brought for them...but what they are really antsy for is the new DVDs. Not until Oklahoma, I told them. And so patiently they wait.

You might wonder "what could you possibly do in the car for all that time?" In this rat-race busy world we live in we have less time to connect with each other. The girls tell us stories and marvel at the world rushing by their windows. Paul and I take it all in. The scenery, the slower pace, each other. And we talk. Just talk. About nothing and everything. And it's wonderfully free!

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