Thursday, June 30, 2011

Touring the US of A

I wrote a nice lengthy blog to round out our trip to Canada. I saved it wanting to go back and add pictures, but after re-reading I decided not to post it. It just didn't reflect my happy self. In short, it was depressing! I guess I was suffering from lack of vitamin D. So I will tell ya all about the fun times we had in another blog.

So far we have travelled 1020 miles toward home! Today we are heading to Moab, UT and Arches National Park which is our half way point. We have crossed Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and into new territory: Utah.

Check! Utah off the list of states we've never been to. As you can imagine there are MANY churches here. One in every neighborhood and that is no exaggeration. But so far everyone seems very 'normal'. I haven't seen any "Big Love" type families and no one that just walked off "the compound". We walked the streets of Salt Lake City in the horrendous heat. We checked out Temple Square and played in the Snowflake Fountain from the 2002 Winter Olympics. After sweating buckets we cooled off at PF Changs where we stuffed ourselves to the gills!

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Here are some highlights from the drive so far:

The Blue Mountains in Oregon

Enormous dandelions in Oregon

Three Island Crossing on the Oregon Trail - Idaho

Wicked gorge in Twin Falls, ID

Sandstorm we passed through on the desolate Idaho-Utah border.

View from our 16th floor room at the Hilton in Salt Lake City.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on your exciting journey...they girls are getting soooo big!