Friday, May 25, 2012

3rd Annual Cross-Country Road Trip!

Yes. We are at it again. Another cross country road trip! You might be thinking, "Are you nuts?" after last years insane weather and youngest daughters protests. And we would reply, "Ummm...yes." And we are still excited for the adventure! Like childbirth, after a year has passed we remember the great memories, the take-with-you-forever experiences. The unfortunate stuff (tornados, avalanches and crabby kids) becomes either forgotten or another one of those tall-tales you tell your friends and family during the holidays.

This year, we have decided to make some changes. From experience we have decided to avoid tornado alley during its peak season. So no Oklahoma or Kansas for us this year. Usually we are thrilled to be finally exiting the great State of Texas. It is such a huge state that it takes endless (and sadly rather boring) hours to get out of it in any direction. The kids think this is a grand problem to have as we will be able to swim outside in the balmy heat when we arrive in Amarillo tomorrow night. Outdoors in the heat is considered much better than in a freezing indoor pool where the prospect of Mommy actually getting in the pool is rather slim.

This year we will be hitting 7 States in 5 days: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington State. And so the itinerary looks like this for the next 5 days:

Day One: Houston - Amarillo, Texas /  600 miles  / 12 hours with stops

  •                via Dallas/Fort Worth and Lunch in Witchita Falls

Day Two: Amarillo, Texas - Cheyenne, Wyoming  /  533 miles / 12 hours with stops

  •                  via Raton, New Mexico then up I 25 through Colorado. Visit to Seven Falls just outside Colorado Springs and then dinner in Denver with my VERY close friend Livie from Costa Rica!! Can't wait!!
Day Three: Cheyenne - Cody, Wyoming  /  392 miles  /  7 hours with stops

  •                  via Douglas, Wyoming for a visit to the great Jackalope and then a stop in Casper, WY for our LAST Starbucks before Missoula, MT. How will we ever survive you ask??? We still don't know!
Day Four: Cody, Wyoming - Missoula, Montana  /  500 miles  /  12 hours with hikes and stops

Day Five: Missoula, Montana to Abbotsford, BC CANADA!!  /  588 miles  /  12 hours with stops

  •                via Idaho and Washington State. Day Five is our last day on the road. We drive through some beautiful mountains down into the farmland of Idaho and Washington. Finishing with a winding climb through the Cascade Mountains. We will pull into Seattle, as is our tradition, for some tasty grub and a visit to the Fish Market on the waterfront. Maybe even stick some gum on the famous Gum Wall.
Oooooh I cannot wait! Sydney was so excited she could hardly fall asleep. I am so happy we can make this awesome memory for the girls. The car is packed, the kids entertainment center is loaded (pictures to come). Well, I promised myself I would get to bed before 9 and its past already...

Nighty Night!


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