Monday, May 28, 2012

Amarillo to Cheyenne

Wow! What a great day! Another 600 miles behind us on our drive from Amarillo, Texas to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We made quite a few stops today, but they were all worth the time. In Colorado Springs we stopped at Seven Falls to check out the falls, canyon and hike around. It was very cool! Well, worth the trip. First we took the elevator up 140 feet to The Nest for the best view of the falls. We could have hiked up to the platform, but walking from the car up to the falls was more exerting than we had planned because of the altitude. Forgot about that factor! We still made the big climb up to the top of the falls. Juliane and I made it half way up, but her fear of heights prevented us from making the second near vertical staircase. Sydney bravely hiked the rest of the way with Paul. I have to admit that the trek down was a bit nerve wracking. I was worried about the kids falling. It was a LOOOONG way down to the bottom.
We couldn't have timed our trip to Seven Falls better. There was a Native Indian dance performance. Juliane was asked up on stage to dance. She loved every second. Sydney could have gone too, but she wouldn't dare.
After hiking around the falls we hit the road for Denver. I was very excited to see my friend Liv and finally meet her son, Jesy. We met 17 years ago in Costa Rica. She was my first room mate and during the years I lived there we were inseparable. When I married Paul, Livie was my Maid of Honour. So, when she moved to Denver last month, you can imagine my excitement. It was perfect timing for us to meet up. At 5 o'clock our families met at Chili's in the 16th Street Mall shopping district in downtown Denver. It was like we were never apart all these years!
We had another successful day in the car. The kids were excellent. Sydney is such a funny child. She keeps us laughing all day. We had to chuckle at this converstation earlier:
Sydney: Mom, maybe I should get a job doing an MRI when I grow up.
Me: Umm. An MRI? Really? (look at Paul with raised eyebrows)
Sydney: Yeah, an MRI. What do they have to do exactly?
Paul: Do you know what an MRI is?
Juliane: Mom, what's an MRI?
Sydney: I know, its a CATSCA-AN! (major southern accent here)
Paul and I: widen our eyes
Me: How do you know that?
Sydney: From Melmin the giraffe!
All: errupt in laughter.
Tomorrow, we thankfully have a shorter drive, so we are all going to sleep in until 6am!
Sweet Dreams!

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