Monday, May 28, 2012

Wyoming: Like No Place On Earth

Ah-mazzzing. That's my one word to describe Wyoming. Although I know that doesn't accurately illustrate what makes it one of my favorite places. It's just hard to sum it up.

Wyoming is a feeling. As we drive across the wide open grasslands edged by snow-topped mountains, sage dotted hills, into deep canyons, alongside clear streams and dashing pronghorn antelopes I can feel joy welling up inside me. I vividly imagine pioneers heading west across the plains and their spirit enters me. I feel the freedom of the space on the earth here and into the sky. It is the most ecologically diverse and freeing place I've ever been. And if you haven't has the pleasure, add Wyoming to your bucket list.

This morning we slept in a bit and after a nice breakfast at the hotel we hit the road. Driving in Wyoming is like playing a video game. The roads are open and you can see for miles. It is a pleasure to be at the wheel! We saw 100's of pronghorn antelopes on the roadside grazing on the sagebrush. It should have come as no surprise since WY is home to 2/3 of the worlds population of pronghorn.
About 40 miles outside Casper we stopped at Hell's Half Acre. This place is eerie! But worth a lookie-loo. I read that they filmed 1997's Starship Troopers there. It definitely seems out of this world!

We arrived in Cody in the late afternoon. Plenty of time to wander around Old Trail Town. An old city created from old cabins from around the area. It's the perfect stop for a family of history buffs.
We got the best news tonight, the East Entrance to Yellowstone is OPEN! Because of all the snow they had this weekend, we were concerned it would be closed. And it was for a few days, but this afternoon it was reopened. We are all very excited for tomorrow.

Happy Trails!

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