Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinner with GG & Poppa

We spent this afternoon and evening at GG & Poppas place at Rabbitswood Farm. (my maternal grandparents) If you have followed my blog over the years you may remember that this is where I grew up. We lived in many places, but if I had to choose the one place I would call home, it would be this beautiful plot of land. My memories of this farm span over my entire life and I hope my Aunt and Uncle live there forever, for I would be saddened not to be able to plant my feet on its soil from time to time.

The moment we arrive, Juliane and Sydney are set free to do as they please. They relish in the unsupervised play outside among the animals under the canopy of the trees. I like to think they also feel the magic in this place as I once did. For in this forested farm the plants seem larger than life, the horses mythical creatures, the dogs obtain superpowers, towering trees whisper you their secrets and lanky young goats become dear friends.

Sydney with Indie

I am finding that time suspends here in these lengthening days. I look at the clock one moment and it is 10am and without a change in light the next time I look its 8pm. So much has been done, but the day doesn't feel nearly over. We left at 9 o'clock with the same energy as we arrived that afternoon. Sleep? Ha! The long setting sun quickly chased our weariness away. So, on the way back to Abbotsford, we drove along the route I walked or biked to school with my sister, Angela and a few neighboring kids...but mostly my childhood friend and playmate who lived next door, Diana. The girls were amazed at how far it was and that we walked without parents. I thought about explaining to them how times are different these days, but thought the better of it. Better for them just to think it was cool to walk to school. At least I didn't have to walk in the snow uphill both ways as my parents did. Mum was always "happy" to take us when it was raining or snowed too much (which I realize now, was more often than not!).

Glenwood Elementary School
Then as we slowed in front of Glenwood Elementary they marveled at how small it is. It is quite funny how as you grow older things seem so much smaller. It looked to huge to me as a child. But now that I have seen Houston schools I can't believe how tiny it is too!

These sweet mares are rescues from a US Circus.


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