Monday, June 11, 2012

Time Flies

The age old saying, time flies when your having fun, is remarkably true whenever I come to Canada! Before I know it I've been here for 10 days and havent made much contact with the outside world. And no offense, but I think I actually enjoy the excuse to be disconnected. My cell phone only gets US service when I am in my bedroom, so most of the time it is turned off. And I only get online for brief moments when I am actually sitting down, which is not necessarily a rare occurance, however sitting in Canada equals coffee and visiting. Two things not easily done when you are plugged into a computer or iPhone. And so, instead I am savoring the experience of being unplugged.

So, as you can imagine, we have been very busy visiting and touring around. The first thing the girls wanted to do when we arrived was hit Birchwood Dairy to go see the calves and eat some farm fresh ice cream. Paul had never been, so it was a fun outting for us all. Birchwood has the best ice cream. They even have my favorite flavor, Tiger. A wonderful combination of black licorice and orange. The next day we went into Vancouver to Stanley Park. I am ashamed to say this was the girls first time to the park and Paul's first time out of the car at the park. Oi! We hit the highlights before lunch at Milestone's and a little shopping at Roots.

We drove Paul to the airport the next day taking the backroads along the border. Growing up here in Canada, it never really seemed strange to me that on one side of the ditch was Canada and the other was "The States" (as Canadians affectionitly call the USA). After living in Texas with what is percieved as an open border to Mexico, I have to admit I find it rather strange!

Since then we have been to visit my Grandparents and Aunts and Cousins in Langley on their small Rabbitswood Farm. The girls always enjoy playing outside in the trees where I played as a little girl. They check out the goats, throw pine cones for the dogs, examine the asparagus growing along the fence and play with the horses. The girls and I spent a day at Fort Langley. We just love this historical gem. There is nothing better than a hands-on historical experience to really get a sense of what life was like for settlers in 1827. We have also taken to an occasional evening swim at the Mission Rec Center. For $12 a family of 5 can enjoy swimming and activities at this fantastic indoor pool. The fun includes 3 pools, huge hot tub, not so lazy, lazy river and a gigantic (Schlitterbahn style) indoor/outdoor water slide!

On Thursday we enjoyed a special treat thanks to my very good friend Jaida Hay!! She invited us to the studio where they were filming the Barbie and Monster High Doll commercials for the Christmas season. The girls were THRILLED, needless to say. They got to see how they make the commercials, make over the dolls (there are actually doll hair stylists!), the sets and best of all the new dolls! A huge THANK YOU to Jaida who is a hand model in all these commercials. I appreciate her thinking of the girls and I was excited to see my sweet friend of nearly 18 years!

This weekend we went to Harrison Lake where we were lucky to enjoy some of the festivities of the First Nations Band Sts’ailes during their Sasquatch Days. The canoe races reminded me of the AWG Sponsored Grom Round Ups in Galveston. Today was spent at the Mission Children's Festival held in Fraser River Heritage Park. It turned out to be a spectacular day (the first where it was truly sunny) to spend on the grassy hills by the great river surrounded by pirates and scully wags. The festival had a pirate theme and although we all arrived landlubbers, we left transformed into a family of buccaneers. To start the day we all had our names converted into "pirate". Mine was Salty Tooth, while Sydney was Stinky Mate and Juliane was Salty Mouth. Then onto pirate garb and a little face painting. There were lots of reptiles to hold and storytellers to enjoy along with roving performers (our favorite the Trolls) and live music. It really was a great day.

I have taken so many pictures that I would like to share with you, but it takes forever to upload them all. I guess I will have to make a little slide show for the next posting.

Happy Trails!

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