Saturday, May 22, 2010


Wyoming is everything you think it is. Gorgeous mesas, endless grasslands, deep gorges, sky high mountains and abundant wildlife. All that and we haven't even entered Yellowstone yet.

Wyoming is incredibly unpopulated. I had learned it was the least populated state in the union during my trip research, but that did little to prepare me for how desolate it is on the plains. I can't imgine how isolated the folks are that live between Casper and Cody the winter. One can drive for an hour without seeing a house. Some of the "towns" only consist of a few houses in the middle of nowhere.

Yet I can also appreciate why people settled such a beautiful place. Wyoming has already become one of my favorite places which I know we will visit again and again.

Our final destination today was the Yellowstone "gateway city" of Cody. Founded by Buffalo Bill Cody himself this quaint western town has so much character. Shops sell western and Bill Cody items and restaurants feature 'Cowboy Cuisine'.

There us so much to do here that we could spend a whole vacation here,o but since we are just passing through this time we planned only one special stop. The Old Trail Town (unbeknownst to us, was right across from our hotel). The authentic cabins circa 1820-1890 that line the original town street were collected from historic sites all over the State. They boasted such famous dwellers as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. More wagons than we could count filled the street and boarded the town. It was worth the stop and I can't wait to share the photos when I get to BC.

Juliane and Sydney couldn't wait to get to the hotel and go swimming, so we skipped eating out so we could enjoy the hotel. They just LOVE hotels. I don't blame them. This hotel is really nice!

I am so thankful that I plan for every situation. It is COLD! Bone chilling. The wind chill had us running for our gloves and toques. Tomorrow the lows for Yellowstone are near 20 degrees so I am relieved that I packed the winter stuff. The forecast is just as exciting as the trip itself. Snow tonight here in Cody and snow today and tomorrow in Yellowstone just add to the adventure.

I bid you all a great night from Cody!

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