Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, we made it to the Pacific Ocean! Washington State is so diverse. I didn't realize how much of it is consumed by farmland. Much of it reminded us of Kansas and Wyoming.

As we crossed the Cascade Range We encountered the typical drizzly rain that is so common in this area of the Pacific Northwest. Some people might find that depressing, but after living in the tropics and semi tropics I welcome it. It feels cozy and makes everything so lush and green.

Today we lucked out because it is sunny in Seattle! We've stopped at Pikes Place Market for dinner and what a treat!! We watched the fishermen sling fresh King Salmon and tasted some smoked salmon. It's a really cool place to check out if you are ever here (you may have seen it on Food Network). Seattle is a cool city. We are gobbling up our dinner at a place in the market that overlooks Puget Sound. On the way in we went through loads of tunnels...some with houses on top! At the market you can buy luscious bouquets of flowers for only $10! I wish I could bring some to my
Mom but they won't let us Take them across the border.

Now we are off to BC!!

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