Thursday, May 20, 2010

Houston to Dallas

We are on our way! 252 miles under our belts already. Hello Dallas!  

We passed the Sam Houston  Statue (1st President of TX when it was it's own nation) and stopped for Icees and spotless bathrooms at the famous Buc-ee's in Madisonville.

I drove the first leg of the trip and despite putting the peddle to the metal I didn't get a ticket. The Texas State Troopers are out in full force today. Love to see those tax dollars at work! So, with my perfect driving record still intact, I've turned over the reins to Paul. He promptly changed my news radio to his new Robert Earl Keen and has the cruise control set. I always forget about cruise control. I will have to try it out when it's my turn again.

In Corsicana we encountered our first "hiccup". We entered a super cell and barely missed a tornado!! Yikes. Check out the pictures on Crazy!

The girls have been totally chilling out. Just a few 'are we there yets". They've watched a movie, colored, made drawings in their journals, played car bingo and now are playing on their Leapsters. It's all good!  

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