Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Camp Out

We started a new tradition last year (along with 4 other families) that we would go camping for Mother's Day. I imagine many of you are thinking that you wouldn't want to be camping on the day you're supposed to be pampered, but my feeling is it is all about the kids. I would not be a mother without them and a camping trip is a great way to have some fun family time without having to worry about my other domestic duties.

The weather in Texas in May is perfect for taking advantage of the great outdoors. Not to say that we were out in the middle of the wilderness. This camp trip was quite the contrary. The campground has waterslides, and pools, mini golf and...Yogi Bear! Yes, for those familiar with the site in Waller, TX, we enjoyed a tent weekend at Jellystone Campground!

It was the best Mother's Day I could have wished for. And I felt very pampered upon returning home when I got my first real shower in 3 days!

Sydney volunteered to say the pledge of allegiance!

One of the giant waterslides!

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