Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dallas to Oklahoma

Pheuf! Well, we made it to Oklahoma! After getting a jolt of Starbucks in Gainsville, TX we crossed the Red River into Oklahoma. The sun started to set and we were entertained by the beautiful hills and plains that contrasted with the red sky. I didn't know OK had so many casinos! Gotta remember that for a quick getaway.

Unfortunately, the beauty around us was tainted by the horrible road conditions. What a contrast to Texas! I had the nasty job of navigating I-35 to Oklahoma City. There are NO reflectors at all whatsoever! NO street lights. I have to say it was terrible driving here at night. Besides that the entire stretch of I70 is under construction with most of it down to 1 lane! So far Oklahoma is not winning any votes for a pass through on our way home.

At the very least the girls were good sports. A little impatient at the end, but all our nerves were frayed as you can imagine!

So, day 1 is over! We made it through a tornado, Dallas traffic and navigating Oklahoma at night. I bid you all sweet dreams from "The Sooner State".

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