Monday, May 24, 2010

Missoula to Coeur D'Alene

Today is our last day on the road! We woke up this morning with a desperate need for coffee. After breakfast we grabbed a fresh cup of Komodo Dragon at Starbucks before hitting the road.

We sailed over the Bitterroot Mountain range unto gorgeous Idaho. I never had a good reason to come here, but it is beautiful. It's amazing how much the forests change from the Piney Woods in Texas to the northern forests of my youth. Twilight fans, be jealous!!! I get to live a Forks fantasy for the next month!

Juli and Syd had a great time feeding out of their hand some ground squirrels at a rest stop on the Montana-Idaho border. They were really cute, friendly and gentle...although I kept thinking in the back of my mind that they might bite and have rabies!

Lots if old mines line I90 here. Perhaps another time we will have to take a tour. I am sure the kids would find that very interesting.

Off to picnic by Lake Coeur D'Alene before pushing through to Seattle.

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